Step-by-step guide

Downloading your pension data from takes less than a minute. Below you can find a step-by-step guide.


Go to

To download your pension data, you need a secure means of digital identification.

  • If you have a Dutch DigID click on "Bekijk mijn pensioenoverzicht". Follow the steps to log in. The easiest is to use the DigID app on your phone. You can switch the language to English in the top left corner by clicking "EN".
  • If you would like to use another European form of digital identification, click "Inloggen met een Europees erkend inlogmiddel". On the next page click the "EU Login" button. In the dropdown menu select "EU login". Further steps depend on your country and will be in English or your native language.


After successful login you need to select your official relationship status.

  • Choose "Ik heb een partner (gehuwd, geregistreerd partnerschap of samenwonend)" if you have a partner (married, registered partnership, or living together)
  • Choose "Ik ben alleenstaand" if you are single.
Confirm your selection by clicking "Bekijk mijn pensioenoverzicht" at the bottom of the page.


On the next page, depending on your screen size you will either see a button "Download uw pensioenoverzicht" or a "menu". Click on the button or the menu and then on "XML met BSN" to download your pension data to your on your phone, tablet, or computer. You do not have to worry that the file includes your BSN number. We remove it immediately when you upload the file.